Alacsony költség és nagy teljesítmény a Vicontól: EXTR∆ 390

Alacsony költség és nagy teljesítmény a Vicontól: EXTR∆ 390

Low Ownership Costs and High Performance Hallmarks of EXTR∆ 390 from Vicon

Vicon introduces its new flagship, the new plain disc mower butterfly.  A combination that provides efficient performance with its 8.75m working width paired with a low weight design. The EXTR∆ 390 is purpose build to low operating costs in terms of power and fuel consumption, with power requirements starting at only 110 hp.

Plain Mowers - VICON EXTRA 328F - 332F - FRONT MOUNTED DISC MOWER, with its responsive headstock makes it easy to use

Designed to match the needs of large-scale mowing, the new EXTR∆ 390 is packed with features to meet these demands. The centre suspended mowing units in combination with the three-bladed discs offers an unmatched mowing performance. The Vicon BreakBack solution protects the cutterbar from foreign obstacles, and automatically returns the mowing unit to working position. The EXTR∆ cutterbar offers smooth operation with very low noice, convenient during a long working day.

All this comes wrapped in a new modern exterior design. The new EXTR∆ 300 generation appears in the new Vicon design line, following the design of the mower conditioner range. The colours of the tarpaulins have been upgraded into a new attractive combination of red and black, giving a clear family identity throughout the range of disc mowers and mower conditioners.

The new EXTR∆ 390 is an eco-friendly, energy saving solution able to work on tractors with as little as 110hp. The low weight of only 1600kg together with the ideal weight distribution that butterfly combinations offer gives the optimum combination of low power requirements, low weight and high efficiency.

The EXTR∆ 390 can be adjusted for optimal operation according to different circumstances such as field contours or working width of the front mounted mower. To ensure optimal overlap between front and rear units, the mowing units can be mounted in two positions on the suspension arm

The mowing units are centre suspended via a suspension spring, to give an even weight distribution across the complete mower width. Faster and more precise adaptation to ground contours is also achieved because of the centre suspended design. The benefit is less skid wear and optimum protection of the stubble.

The Vicon feature of a BreakBack device protects the cutterbar from foreign obstacles. If hitting an obstacle, the Breakaway device will swing the machine backwards and over the obstacle and automatically return the mower to working position, when the obstacle has been passed.